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Vet 820 W Springfield Road Springfield PA 19064 (484) 582-6547A professional vet in Springfield, PA can be easily reached at (484) 582-6547, the number for VCA Old Marple Animal Hospital. Make us your premier source for preventative veterinary care so that your pets can enjoy a healthy life. Our experts at veterinary internal medicine will be glad to meet your pet, so bring them by our facility today.
No matter what the age or breed of your dog or cat might be, they are welcome to visit our Springfield vet. We can use veterinary diagnostics to determine what illnesses they may be suffering from and decide on an effective form of treatment. Our technicians can also create senior pet wellness plans based on the needs of older pets.
Routine pet health exams are a smart way to keep track of an animal’s health over the years, so make regular appointments with our facility so your pet can get examined. We also offer pet parasite control to reduce the chances of animals catching fleas or ticks. Our hospital is open 24 hours for emergency veterinary care.
Remember that a friendly vet in Springfield, PA from VCA Old Marple Animal Hospital can be reached at (484) 582-6547 for help with a number of pet health issues. We offer unbeatable wellness care and pet pain management and have a safe, state of the art facility. For more information about our veterinary hospital, call our office and talk to a member of our staff.

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Vet in Springfield, PA
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