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Podiatrist 6701 Sunset Drive # 108 South Miami, FL 33143 (786) 345-7696The call to make for a podiatrist in South Miami, FL specializing in sports medicine is to (786) 345-7696.  Dr. Scott Bernstein of Kendall Sports Medicine is a leading specialist at treating podiatric sports injuries for athletes young and old.  From simple ankle sprains to podiatric surgery to correct serious joint damage you can count on Dr. Bernstein.

Ingrown toenails can cause you to feel severe foot pain that only gets worse as the day goes on.  Rather than deal with this on a day to day business you may want to schedule an appointment with a South Miami podiatrist able to offer the proper treatment for this problem.  We offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments for ingrown nails, bunions, hammertoes and other deformities.

One call here will help you feel less foot or ankle pain regardless of its root cause.  This means you can come to our podiatric sports medicine center for treatment of major foot injuries or when you want a solution to heel pain.  Do you have weak foot arches?  Ask about custom made foot orthotics by calling Dr. Bernstein right now.

Choosing a podiatrist in S. Miami, FL specializing in sports medicine is easy.  Kendall Sports Medicine treats athletes for sprains, strains and other podiatric pain.  Give us a call at (786) 345-7696 and schedule your initial appointment today.

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Podiatrist in South Miami, FL
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