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Animal Flea Control 1944 Gyorr Avenue South Elgin IL 60177 (847) 961-1666If you need the services of a vet in South Elgin, IL, then make a call to South Town Animal Hospital at (847) 961-1666 for the special care that your pets deserve. We are the veterinarians dedicated to the proper medical treatment and good health of all animals. Make an appointment to bring your pet in for proper animal flea control, as well as regular checkups.

From immunizations to veterinary dentistry, we want to provide the service that your best pet friend needs to live a long and happy life. Whether your pet needs spaying/neutering or if you require a small animal vet to treat the tiniest of pets, we are waiting to help in every way we can.

If you cannot bring your pet to us, we may be able to come to you, by offering veterinary house calls to clients who live within our service range. Or come take advantage of our animal microchipping procedure. This procedure has been proven effective in helping to locate and identify pets that have been lost.

So if you are looking for a vet in South Elgin, IL, just call up South Town Animal Hospital at (847) 961-1666 and trust your pet's health to us. Whether you are just bringing in your dog for a standard declawing or when your terminally sick pet needs veterinary euthanasia, we offer all the services that you need.

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Vet in South Elgin, IL
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