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Vet 8 Calkins Court South Burlington VT 05403 (802) 557-0932Call a vet in South Burlington, VT the next time you aren't sure what is ailing your pet and seek veterinary diagnostic imaging. VCA Brown Animal Hospital, at (802) 557-0932, performs animal wellness exams to assess your pets' needs and the best course of action. You can trust the judgment of our veterinarians, who see your pet's wellness as their top priority.
There are some standard health procedures that each pet should undergo as you welcome them into your home. Our local South Burlington vet can handle pet vaccinations and spay and neuter services so you can rest easy knowing your pet is protected against disease or adding to overpopulation. Another common reason to visit our clinic is pet microchipping, which makes it much easier to find your pet when he has lost his way.
Beyond these staple veterinary services, our animal doctors can perform more advanced procedures such as veterinary laser surgery, which boasts a faster recovery time and more accuracy than traditional surgery. Veterinary dental care is also available in our offices, meaning every part of your pet's health can be taken care of in one visit, to one caring clinic.
Visit VCA Brown Animal Hospital to meet with a vet in S. Burlington, VT that can help with surgeries or prescribe medication from our pet pharmacy. When concern arises about illness or pet weight management, the number to call is (802) 557-0932. Our animal doctors look forward to your call!

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Vet in South Burlington, VT
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