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Physical Therapy 265 Medford Street #303 Somerville MA 02143 (617) 702-4070When you’re injured, ProBody Physical Therapy in Somerville, MA will aid you in recovering fully.  Just dial (617) 702-4070 to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists and create an individualized injury rehabilitation plan for minor to severe injuries.  We have sports medicine specialists to treat sprains and strains, offer work injury care, and much more when you call today.
After a joint replacement or other orthopedic surgery you’ll probably need some time to recover strength in that limb.  To get the best therapeutic services you should speak with a Somerville physical therapy clinic that specializes in postsurgical rehab to aid you in recovering from the surgery and regaining your strength.  Our physical therapists will aid you in rehabilitating after Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery, joint replacements, ACL repair and more.
You can count on our therapists to provide one-on-one care specific to your individual needs.  This means you can count on us to help with sports and work-related injuries or provide chronic pain management solutions including arthritis treatments.  Do you suffer from imbalance issues?  Ask about our vestibular rehabilitation programs for vertigo by calling now.
Get in touch with local experts in physical therapy in Somerville, MA by calling our team today.  ProBody Physical Therapy will personalize a treatment plan to your needs.  Call us at (617) 702-4070 to start your physical rehab.

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Physical Therapy in Somerville, MA
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