Physical Therapy in Shrewsbury, PA

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Orthopedic Care 600 Shrewsbury Commons Avenue Shrewsbury PA 17361 (717) 759-0153For powerful physical therapy in Shrewsbury, PA, call (717) 759-0153. At Select Medical (Joyner Sportsmedicine), you will be treated by high quality physical therapists who will help you follow a specialized plan for recovery. Along with a treatment plan, you will also have the guidance you need for workers compensation rehabilitation.

Our Shrewsbury physical therapy practice is committed to treating our customers with courtesy and efficiency. We are an excellent source for sports medicine to help athletes recover from injuries and return to the field. Our orthopedic care employs methods such as weight training, manual therapy, and aquatic therapy to help those who are recovering from joint replacement surgeries and bone issues. We also provide vestibular rehabilitation for those suffering from vertigo, and neurological therapy to help improve coordination after a stroke, among other possible disorders.

Along with our assistance with worker's comp casework, we can also help you get back to work in a reasonable period of time. Our occupational therapy can help encourage healing from carpal tunnel, radial tunnel, and other injuries incurred at work. With time and treatment, you will be able to get back to your daily life and your normal wages sooner.

If you need effective physical therapy in Shrewsbury, PA, call Select Medical (Joyner Sportsmedicine) at (717) 759-0153. You can rely on us for caring individual treatment for back pain, fibromyalgia, post-op recovery, and more. Call today for an appointment.

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Physical Therapy in Shrewsbury, PA
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