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Vet 19203 Aurora Ave N Shoreline WA 98133 (206) 395-5927Be proactive in your pet’s health; call our vet in Shoreline, WA to receive expert veterinary care. Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center at (206) 395-5927, is a feline veterinary clinic specializing in quality care for domesticated cats of all ages and types. Every staff veterinarian is a licensed and certified professional, dedicated to the healthcare of your kitten or mature cat.

Bring your animal to our Shoreline vet for its primary exam; our doctors and staff are committed to creating an atmosphere of care and compassion for your beloved feline, and will provide a thorough examination to ensure your pet’s continued health and wellness.  After assessing that your pet is not afflicted with any medical disorders, our animal doctor will provide them with their initial animal vaccinations and set them on a program of ongoing vaccines and veterinary dentistry. We work diligently to ensure healthy pets and happy pet owners. 

Bring your cat to our animal hospital for its annual exams and for treatment of any illness or injury they may incur.  We specialize in veterinary surgery, including spaying and neutering procedures and feline declawing, in our safe and cutting-edge surgical center.  Every surgical procedure we perform is primarily conducted by our licensed veterinarian, and accompanied by our support staff of trained professionals who will assist in your pet’s full recovery.

Contact us now for an appointment with our vet in Shoreline, WA.  Call (206) 395-5927 for Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center and receive exceptional care for your beloved animal.  No need to wait; call now to begin your pet’s routine health check-ups.

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Vet in Shoreline, WA
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