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Physical Therapy 1901 Frank Scott Parkway Shiloh, IL 62269 (618) 319-6338 Get in touch with specialists for physical therapy in Shiloh, IL with a call to (618) 319-6338.  SSM Physical Therapy is staffed by physical therapists with experience providing care for patients of all ages.  From injury therapy for young patients to geriatric physical therapy for arthritis and other ailments of aging ours is the number you want to call first.

Any parents with a child in sports cringes each time their kid gets hit in a game.  If your kid gets hurt while playing sports you’ll want to find a Shiloh physical therapy center specializing in pediatric physical therapy to aid young athletes with injury recovery.  One call here puts you in touch with manual therapists able to offer a wide range a sports medicine therapies to aid the recovery of any athlete.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care when you need to rehabilitate from any physical injury.  Our therapists will create an approved works comp rehabilitation program that will aid you in recovering quickly and safely as well as offer orthopedic therapy for chronic muscle and joint pains.  Do you suffer from temporomandibular joint pain?  Contact our therapists about TMJ dysfunction treatments right now.

Where you go for physical therapy in Shiloh, IL is very important.  SSM Physical Therapy provides the best care to aid those rehabbing from sports, accident, work or other injuries.  Dial (618) 319-6338 to end your injury pain today.

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Physical Therapy in Shiloh, IL
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