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Spay 4522 Shasta Dam Boulevard Shasta Lake CA 96019 (530) 276-8987Your pet is part of the family, and our vet in Shasta Lake, CA agrees. (530) 276-8987 is the number to call Shasta Lake Veterinary Clinic, where you will find a staff of loving doctors and nurses that love animals and will stay with them every step of their treatment to ensure that they are as comfortable and happy as can be. Our veterinarian specializes in both diagnostic and therapeutic services for all kinds of animals.

If you come to us you will have at your disposal: one fulltime veterinarian with over 40 years experience, one part time veterinarian with over 29 years experience, as well as a full time consultant in veterinary acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Our Shasta Lake vet begins each patient visit with a thorough physical examination to detect any current health issues. We have the finest pet x-rays, thermometers, and other diagnostic equipment at our disposal to aid in our examination. Depending on the problem, we will apply traditional veterinary treatments or apply holistic veterinary medicine. Also, we now have animal laser therapy at our disposal to help your animal with pain relief from arthritis, among other things.

Our vet in Shasta Lake, CA utilizes both new and traditional methods to provide the best veterinary care we possibly can. Call Shasta Lake Veterinary Clinic at (530) 276-8987 for a professional veterinarian skilled to spay and neuter, among many other veterinary services. Call now and set your furry friend on the right track for healing.

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Vet in Shasta Lake, CA
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