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Seville Wadsworth Veterinary Clinic 3898 Greenwich Road Seville OH (330) 556-0909Finding a vet in Seville, OH to care for ailing pets is easy. Dial (330) 556-0909 to reach Seville Wadsworth Veterinary Clinic to find veterinarians able to handle medical, dental and surgical pet healthcare services. We offer normal hours by appointment and are available to help if your beloved pets require a 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital day or night.

When you add a new kitten to the family he or she will love to explore, especially in areas of your home you do not want them going. To keep them from destroying furniture, draperies and the rest of the house, you should take them to a Seville vet able to provide cat declawing. We are also available to provide necessary pet vaccinations to keep your kittens and puppies healthy.

No matter the medical issues your pets are experiencing, our staff is ready to help them right away. We are able to handle veterinary dentistry care including teeth cleanings, in addition to many other veterinary surgery procedures such as tumor removal or orthopedic surgery and more. Ask for details about our Alterpet low cost spaying and neutering program when you call now.

The call to make for a vet in Seville, OH that provides 24 hour animal care is to Seville Wadsworth Veterinary Clinic. We help animals live longer and healthier lives. Dial (330) 556-0909 for an appointment with our caring vets today.

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Vet in Seville, OH
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