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Vet 5033 Gravenstein Highway North Sebastopol, CA 95472 (707) 820-7928End your search for a caring vet in Sebastopol, CA by calling VCA Forestville Animal Hospital at (707) 820-7928.  We have a team of experienced veterinarians ready to provide the best in medical, dental and surgical care for all breeds of dogs or cats.  Is your pet suffering from some terminal injury or illness?  Our doctors offer humane veterinary euthanasia to end their pain quickly.

Fleas, ticks and other parasites are serious health risks for all dogs and cats.  The best way to prevent tick-spread Lyme disease or other ailments is to ensure you have the best in flea and tick control from a Sebastopol vet.  Our vets will provide individualized heartworm, tick and flea control along with pet wellness exams to keep pets healthy for the long haul.

A quick call to our number below will put you in touch with a trusted feline or canine vet.  We offer veterinary surgery including bone and joint repairs along with pet weight management to prevent animal obesity and the resulting health problems.  Does your dog have yellow teeth?  Bring them in for veterinary dentistry cleanings to aid in prevention of periodontal disease.

Choosing the right vet in Sebastopol, CA is not all the difficult.  VCA Forestville Animal Hospital vets offer medical care, animal microchipping, dental services and so much more.  Make us your pet healthcare specialists by dialing (707) 820-7928 right now.

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Vet in Sebastopol, CA
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