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Vet 2101 N Dunlap Avenue Savoy IL 61874 (217) 689-1934Your search for a caring vet in Savoy, IL ends at VCA Heritage Animal Hospital.  Just dial (217) 689-1934 and you’ll reach a team of animal healthcare professionals ready to provide young, adult, and geriatric pet care for all feline and canine breeds.  Do you own a rabbit or pocket pet?  Our small animal veterinarian will take care of their medical needs.
Constant scratching will eventually harm any animal’s skin, exposing them to possible infection and other health problems.  To protect your pet from skin problems you’ll want to find a Savoy vet that is able to offer veterinary dermatology services.  One call to our veterinarians will provide advanced external parasite control, skin disease treatments, and other dermatological services.
Our goal is to keep the animals you love happy and healthy throughout a long life span.  We can provide regular pet health checkups that include medical scans and veterinary dental care, as well as provide animal microchipping for location and identification purposes.  Do you want to help control the pet population?  Ask about spay or neuter veterinary surgery procedures by calling us now.
The best call you can make for a vet in Savoy, IL is to VCA Heritage Animal Hospital.  We have a team of experienced animal doctors ready to care for the pets your family loves.  One call to (217) 689-1934 will get your pet cared for today.

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Vet in Savoy, IL
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