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Vet 1350 E. Derenne Avenue Savannah GA 31406 (912) 373-8789Advanced care from a vet in Savannah, GA for all pets is found at (912) 373-8789.  VCA Greater Savannah Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art veterinary care center equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment tools.  Dr. Terri Sparks and Dr. Kate Steadley offer advanced veterinary care services including veterinary dermatology, stem cell therapy and more.  Call today.

Many people consider animals other than dogs or cats for pets.  If you own an iguana or another exotic pet, you’ll need to locate a Savannah vet that is able to provide regular checkups and any needed care.  One call to our number will put you in touch with veterinarians able to help those looking for an exotic animal vet.

One call here will help you find the best in puppy, kitten and geriatric pet care services for a wide range of animals.  We can take care of veterinary dentistry cleanings to help prevent oral health problems as well as provide veterinary surgery to remove tumors or fix orthopedic injuries.  Are you taking your pet on vacation with the family?  We offer pet health exams, including travel certificates, so schedule a checkup today.

The call you should be making for a vet in Savannah, GA is to VCA Greater Savannah Animal Hospital.  Dr. Teri Sparks and Dr. Kate Steadley will do everything possible to keep your pet happy and healthy.  Call (912) 373-8789 to get your pet outstanding care.

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Vet in Savannah, GA
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