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Savage Tower Animal Hospital 6259 Egan Drive Savage MN (952) 392-7515Finding an all-animals vet in Savage, MN is easy when you dial (952) 392-7515.  At Savage Tower Animal Hospital, we have a team of veterinary medical specialist able to care for dogs, cats and any other pets you own.  We have a bird vet to clip wings, a reptile veterinarian to care for snakes and offer many other small animal services when you call today.

Cats, especially kittens, love to sharpen their claws on furniture, curtains or about anything else that is handy.  If you want this to stop, you should reach out to a Savage vet that provide cat declawing services.  One call here puts you in touch with veterinarians able to provide this or any other veterinary surgery.

Our staff is here to take care of all the animal members of your family regardless of what medical, dental or surgical services are required.  This means we can offer veterinary dentistry cleanings along with spaying and neutering to keep your pet at home during mating season.  Is your beloved pet on his or her last legs?  Ask about veterinary euthanasia by calling right now.

Making the right call for a vet in savage, MN is easy if you remember to call us at Savage Tower Animal Hospital.  We care for dogs, cats, birds, lizards and many other animals.  Give us a call at (952) 392-7515 to schedule your pet’s first appointment.

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Vet in Savage, MN
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