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Vet 2650 S Miller St reet Santa Maria, CA 93455 (805) 268-7993 You will find a vet in Santa Maria, CA for all your pets by dialing (805) 268-7993.  The Animal Clinic of Santa Maria is staffed by a team of experienced veterinarians across a wide range of specialties giving us the knowledge to care for dogs, cats, pockets pets and more.  From vaccines to veterinary dentistry care we’re ready to ensure your pet is and remains healthy.

While many people consider dogs or cats as pets others enjoy having lizards, birds and other animals.  If you’re in this group you will want to know of an exotic animal vet that can provide checkups and other necessary treatment for the pets you have.  Whether you want an avian vet or a doctor to treat reptiles and amphibians, we are the Santa Maria vet to call first.

One call here will take care of whatever health needs your pets may have.  We offer pet vaccinations to protect against rabies or other diseases along with veterinary surgery including spaying or neutering.  Is your pet in need of urgent care?  Our emergency veterinary clinic is open to aid them right now.

Where you call for a vet in Santa Maria, CA is important.  Doctors from the Animal Clinic of Santa Maria offers outstanding care and a fully stocked pet pharmacy to help your pets live long, healthy lives.  A call to (805) 268-7993 will get any pet quality veterinary care.

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Vet in Santa Maria, CA
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