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Vet 2001 St. Michaels Drive Santa Fe NM 87505 (505) 204-7735Make a call to a fairly priced vet in Santa Fe, NM by dialing (505) 204-7735 for Cedarwood Veterinary Clinic. We maintain a friendly environment where animals can feel comfortable when they stop by for veterinary dentistry treatments and pet vaccines. Our experts in veterinary internal medicine take great pride in their work and will strive to exceed each client’s expectations.
Have a Santa Fe vet from our business regularly examine your pet to make sure they are in good health. Our technicians are educated in fields like animal dermatology, which means they know how to identify a variety of skin conditions that your pet may be experiencing. We also know how to assist with pet pain management when animals are recovering from an injury.
Ask about what flea and tick control options are available for your pet when you contact our clinic. We will be glad to discuss what products are right for dogs and cats dealing with one of these parasites. We also offer animal microchipping, which is an advanced form of pet identification in the form of a trackable microchip implanted under their skin.
Call Cedarwood Veterinary Clinic at (505) 204-7735 when it is time for pets to pay a visit to a vet in Santa Fe, NM. We will use advanced veterinary diagnostic procedures to get to the bottom of your animal’s health problems. Talk to a friendly staff member from our veterinary hospital by calling us today.

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Vet in Santa Fe, NM
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