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Attorney One Embarcadero Center,<br />Suite 500 San Francisco CA 94111 (415) 504-3239Facing a criminal matter requires the right attorney in San Rafael, CA. The Kavinoky Law Firm at (415) 504-3239 offers our highly respected lawyer to help with your defense. Call our legal team any time, day or night. We offer aggressive help with your traffic misdemeanor or felony charge.

Our firm's San Rafael attorney is a respected member of the California Bar. Whether you need help dealing with a charge of theft, assault or drunk driving, the legal experience of our entire firm is available for your defense. Our experienced DUI attorney can help with your arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Whether it is a first offense or a serious felony DUI, you are entitled to our most aggressive legal efforts.

Did you know there is a ten-day limit from the date of your arrest to set your DMV hearing? Our DUI lawyer will begin your defense by ensuring that your DMV hearing is arranged on time. We also offer the name of a respected bail bond company to help with your release. We know you would appreciate a fast resolution of this matter and we will work steadfastly to ensure that your defense is favorably resolved.

Turn your defense over to our attorney in San Rafael, CA. The Kavinoky Law Firm at (415) 504-3239 will remain at your side, working for dismissal of all charges. Call now to take advantage of our years of experience.


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