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Vet 1241 Story Road San Jose, CA 95122 (408) 680-8528Call an experienced vet in San Jose, CA, at (408) 680-8528. Story Road Animal Hospital is a vet clinic where we take care of the most basic preventative care for animals as well as more advanced treatments. Come to us for basic procedures such as microchipping, and we will get to know and love your pet.

Bringing him or her to a skilled San Jose vet is one of the best ways to improve your furry friend’s quality of life. With regular visits to our experienced veterinarian, you can ensure that your dog or cat is up to date on their pet vaccinations. If you have questions about odd behavior or signs of illness in your pet, we also provide animal disease diagnosis and give well-informed recommendations.

Our animal hospital can provide your animal with some of the procedures that are important for responsible pet ownership. We recommend spaying and neutering your pet, and can let you know when it is the right time to perform the surgery. Regular veterinary dentistry is also a vital service we perform for your pet’s basic well-being.

Get in touch with a vet in San Jose, CA, at (408) 680-8528. Story Road Animal Hospital is a place where you can go for advice, pet medications, and pet care. Call us today to arrange for a wellness check for your animal.

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Vet in San Jose, CA
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