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Vehicle Donation San Jose CA (408) 912-1775When you want to make a car donation in San Jose, CA, (408) 912-1775 is the number you want to call. America's Car Donation Center will help you donate your car to any of the thousands of worthy charities. If you choose to donate a car through us, you may qualify for a tax deduction since all our charities are recognized as non-profits by the IRS.

We all enjoy the great feeling that comes with donating to charitable causes. One way to get that feeling is to donate car to charity, especially one that you no longer use. One call to our San Jose car donation experts will allow you to make used car donations through a trusted, nationwide vehicle donation program.

car donation, americas car donation centerOur company helps people just like you with vehicle donation to organizations that help those less fortunate. Through our auto donation system, you can give your car to the American Diabetes Association, the United Breast Cancer Foundation or one of many other worthy causes. Best of all, when you donate a car through us, we will pick up the vehicle for free and provide you a donation receipt the same day.

The only name to remember if you want to make a car donation in San Jose, CA is America's Car Donation Center. We offer you the opportunity to obtain a tax deduction for a charitable vehicle donation when you dial (408) 912-1775. Give your old cars to a worthy organization now.

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Car Donation in San Jose, CA