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For qualification for a medical marijuana card, use the services of a professional medical marijuana doctor in San Jacinto, CA and call SME Medical Management, formerly Serenity Medical Evaluations at (888) 776-5524. We can help with your medical marijuana referral and get you your cannabis card issued by a licensed cannabis doctor. Finding a medical marijuana doctor is no longer difficult, come on by 3845 La Sierra Ave. Suite 200 D in Riverside, CA or 3757 Riverside Dr. in Chino or give us a call for more info on getting a medical marijuana evaluation.

We believe a qualified medical practitioner and your medical marijuana card will help with a wide variety of ailments; from cancer and glaucoma to AIDS and HIV and much more. We handle medical marijuana doctors referrals only, we do not sell cannabis. Call us to speak with a qualified medical marijuana physician to evaluate your situation. Helping you feel better, a cannabis physician may be just what you need.

If you are in need of a medical cannabis card, use the services of a professional medical marijuana doctor to get your medical marijuana referral, call SME Medical Management right away at (888) 776-5524, our medical marijuana doctors are caring and knowledgeable. For a medical marijuana evaluation from an experienced cannabis physician, look to SME Medical Management. We are dedicated to bringing you quality products! !

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Medical Marijuana Doctor in San Jacinto, CA