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DUI Attorney 1350 Columbia Street, Suite 601 San Diego CA 92101 (619) 567-4562Have you experienced a DUI arrest and need a DUI attorney in San Diego, CA? If so, call The Kavinoky Law Firm at (619) 567-4562. By contacting one of our lawyers, you are taking the first step in defending your freedom. As one of California's most well-known and respected law firms, our experienced attorneys, alcohol and substance experts, and other professionals will work for you.

Since 1994, the Kavinoky Law Firm has defended felony DUI cases in Southern California. Led by Darren Kavinoky who has made appearances and shared his expertise on numerous media outlets, you can trust us in your time of need. If you have been accused of drunk driving, having a legal team is crucial at the time of arrest and during the legal process. We do not merely promise great service, we deliver it. There will be times when you do not even have to go inside a courtroom, and if you do, a San Diego attorney will stand by your side in court.

Did you know that you only have ten days to request a hearing from the DMV and keep your license? Our team of expert DUI lawyers will work to help you regain your driving privileges. Regardless of the time, our criminal defense attorneys are available seven days a week to serve you. If you need a DUI attorney, call us first and discover how our team of lawyers uses superb negotiating skills to obtain the best possible outcome.

When contacting an attorney in San Diego, CA after a DUI arrest, contact the law firm chosen by over 1,000 people every year. Call The Kavinoky Law Firm at (619) 567-4562 and get 100 years of combined legal experience delivered to you. We will defend your driving rights and your freedom. Do not wait when a legal crisis happens. When things are at their worst, we are at our best.

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