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Medical Marijuana Referral San Bernardino CA (888) 776-5524Are you looking for a qualified medical marijuana doctor in San Bernardino, CA?If so, Serenity Medical/Canna Plus Evaluations at (888) 776-5524 is the clinic of choice to provide your expert medical marijuana evaluation, and thus, facilitate your receiving your medical marijuana card. Stop by our clinic at 3845 La Sierra Ave. Suite 200 D in Riverside, CA or visit us at 3757 Riverside Dr. in Chino. We offer DOCTOR RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY! - We do not sell cannabis. A professional medical marijuana practitioner, we handle all procedures that are necessary to assist you in receiving your medical card and marijuana treatment for your chronic illness or physical discomfort.

For compassionate medical marijuana doctors in San Bernardino, CA, Serenity Medical/Canna Plus Evaluations is the medical facility of choice. A certified medical Cannabis physician, we assist our patients in obtaining their legal Cannabis card for their treatment by the use of marijuana medicines and products. Each medical marijuana physician on our staff is a certified cannabis doctor, legally authorized to provide an evaluation and referral to enable a patient's receipt of their official medical marijuana card.

Turn to the physicians at Serenity Medical/Canna Plus Evaluations for your medical marijuana doctor in San Bernardino, CA. We are certified and licensed medical marijuana physicians and invite your call at (888) 776-5524 for a free evaluation estimate or an appointment to come in for your medical marijuana evaluation. We provide the finest service for San Bernardino, CA, on the following hours and days:Wednesdays, 6:30am – 8pm, as well as Saturdays, 11:30am – 2pm. Our other location is located at 3757 Riverside Dr. Chino, CA 91710

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Medical Marijuana Doctor in San Bernardino, CA