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Physical Therapy 155 S Wabasha Street Saint Paul MN (651) 317-8540You’ll find comprehensive physical therapy in Saint Paul, MN for all types of injuries by dialing (651) 317-8540.  NovaCare Rehabilitation – St. Paul – Wabasha offers a personalized injury rehabilitation plans designed to aid you in recovering quickly and safely no matter how severely you’re hurt.  We offer care for simple sports injuries along with postsurgical orthopedic rehabilitation and much more.

Sports injuries, especially those to lower extremity joints, can take some time to rehabilitate properly.  If you tear an ACL or damage an ankle, you should seek care from a Saint Paul physical therapy clinic staffed by sports injury specialists.  Call our sports medicine center to find physical therapists ready to help with minor and severe sports injuries.

One call here will provide you with complete care for a wide range of injuries.  You can call us about workers comp rehab if you’re hurt at work or to get one-on-one orthotics therapy to manage the pain of using knee splints or braces.  Do you suffer from some type of musculoskeletal condition?  We offer arthritis treatments, TMJ care and more when you call today.

The call you want to make for physical therapy in St. Paul, MN is to NovaCare Rehabilitation – St. Paul – Wabasha.  We have a team of therapists ready to aid you through a comprehensive injury rehab program specific to your needs.  Call (651) 317-8540 and make your first appointment now.

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Physical Therapy in Saint Paul, MN
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