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Physical Therapy 5100 Gamble Drive Saint Louis Park MN (952) 204-5467Are you looking for physical therapy in Saint Louis Park, MN to manage orthotics pain?  Then dial (952) 204-5467 to reach NovaCare Rehabilitation, a leading provider of orthotics therapy programs to help those using splints, braces or other devices manage any pain.  Are you a recent amputee with a new prostheses?  We can provide prosthetics therapy to help you become accustomed to any prosthetic.

Severe joint injuries playing sports may require surgery or at least extensive therapy before you can risk going back in the game.  When you injure an ankle or knee, you will want to contact sports medicine specialists able to provide you with personalized orthopedic physical therapy.  Give us a call to arrange a sports injury rehabilitation program specific to your individual needs now.

Our physical therapists work with each patient individually to provide the best possible care regardless of why you’re seeking our aid.  We can provide workers comp rehab programs that include conditioning to help you return to work safely along with aid treating sports or accident-related injuries.  Do you suffer from fibromyalgia or other chronically painful conditions?  Our Saint Louis Park physical therapy center offers advanced, drug-free chronic pain management solutions when you call today.

You can get outstanding physical therapy in St. Louis Park, MN with a quick call to NovaCare Rehabilitation.  Dr. Sarah and her staff are ready to aid you throughout the injury recovery process when you dial (952) 204-5467.  Make your appointment right now.

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Physical Therapy in Saint Louis Park, MN
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