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Animal Flea Control 1722 Minnesota Street East Saint Joseph MN 56374 (320) 288-7319Since 1951, the number to call for a vet in Saint Joseph has been (320) 288-7319 to reach St. Joseph Veterinary Clinic. Our state-of-the-art animal hospital and team of 11 veterinarians and accompanying veterinary staff are qualified to provide necessary pet care. We go the extra mile to ensure your pet receives the quality care they deserve.

We are a respected St. Joseph vet specialist, and our hospital provides cutting edge radiology technology along with the latest veterinary diagnostics. You and your animal will be met with a friendly and courteous staff in our safe and comfortable reception area. Throughout your animal's treatment process, we want to help relieve any stress your pet may be experiencing during their illness or due to a new environment. Our doctors and staff offer a caring demeanor and touch throughout the exam process and when administering veterinary vaccines or other medications and treatments.

Bring your pet to our clinic for all medical procedures. We offer treatment for animal parasites including an effective animal flea control program. Call us for your pet's initial and annual exam, treatment for healthy teeth and gums, and even spaying or neutering. We offer reliable care for illness, medical disorders or disease as well as veterinary surgery to treat a malady or accidental injury.

Call now for an appointment with our vet in St. Joseph, MN. St. Joseph Veterinary Clinic can be reached at (320) 288-7319. Mention this ad to receive a $20 discount for your small pet's initial exam.

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Vet in Saint Joseph, MN
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