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Medical Marijuana Physician Saint Joseph MI (269) 200-4605Should you be in need of a referral from a medical marijuana doctor in Saint Joseph, MI or the surrounding areas, U-Med Center at (269) 200-4605 is the licensed professional to call. We offer the services of a licensed medical marijuana physician, as well as a valid medical marijuana evaluation and recommendation. Each Cannabis doctor on our staff assists our patients with obtaining their legal cannabis card for legal marijuana treatment for the effects of many debilitating diseases, among which are chronic arthritis pain, HIV/Aids, Hepatitis C, Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease – and more.

A leader among local medical marijuana doctors in Saint Joseph, MI, U-Med Center provides the qualified medical marijuana recommendation required, as well as the authorized medical marijuana referral necessary for each patient to obtain their medical marijuana card. Medical marijuana has been found to provide relief from the side effects associated with chronic muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, GERD, chronic nausea, as well as chronic pain and many other illnesses.

Turn to the experts with U-Med Center for your qualified medical marijuana doctor in Saint Joseph, MI. We are available to assist you with obtaining your medical marijuana treatment under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. We invite your call at (269) 200-4605 for an appointment with our medical professional. We are available for your service, Monday thru Friday, 12pm – 5pm. Call us now. Your Place for Medical Marijuana Endorsement Exams.

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Medical Marijuana Doctor in Saint Joseph, MI