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Back Pain 19716 Colima Road Rowland Heights CA 91748 (909) 610-3319When nagging back pain requires a chiropractor in Rowland Heights, CA call (909) 610-3319 for Dr. Nimesh Ladhawala, DC to assist in reducing discomfort. Whether you suffer from a slow healing injury or simply a natural condition like migraines, we may be able to help. Call our office today and we will get you in right away for a thorough examination.

Our convenient Rowland Heights chiropractor office location will benefit you with the local pain treatment you need when you find yourself suffering from acute neck pain or radiating shoulder soreness. With our compassionate doctor guiding you to proper exercise, nutrition and the precise modality of therapy for your needs, significant improvement can often be found. Do not allow the disability created by aching joints to seriously limit your activities, call our clinic instead.

While we believe chiropractic is not for every condition, many patients find sufficient relief with our spinal decompression therapy. Reviving blood flow to damaged discs and joints, this procedure can often lessen many back problems. We also assist with posture and flexibility of the spine to induce higher levels of health for our patients.

For the quality chiropractor in Rowland Heights, CA the smart choice to make is to call (909) 610-3319. At our clinic, Dr. Nimesh Ladhawala, DC and associates will work to improve your life. Call today to get started on a positive path to feeling better.

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Chiropractor in Rowland Heights, CA
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