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Vet 1940 Silas Deane Hwy Rocky Hill, CT 06067 (860) 249-1934Do you need a vet in Rocky Hill, CT specializing in feline medicine?  Then dial (860) 249-1934 and let the feline veterinarians at Catzablanca Cat Clinic & Hospital help your kitty with any illness, injury and more.  Our entire staff is comprised of cat care specialists able to provide medical, dental, surgical and many other services to ensure the cat you love stays around for all of their 9 lives.

Cats are among the most curious creatures of nature that love to run around the house and claw everything to shreds.  That is why when you adopt a new kitten in the house it is important you see a Rocky Hill vet able to provide not only feline vaccinations but also cat supplies.  We can vaccinate your cats then offer low cost cat furniture, toys and more.

We specialize solely in healthcare for felines of all ages.  You can bring in kittens for spaying and neutering or any other veterinary surgery in our hygienic facilities or ensure your cat’s teeth stay healthy through feline dental care and cleanings.  You just have to give us a quick call to set an appointment at our cat hospital.

When you need a cat vet in Rocky Hill, CT, Catzablanca Cat Clinic & Hospital can help.  Dr. Linda J. Dupont and Dr. Patricia Anderson take the health of your cat seriously.  Call (860) 249-1934 to reach our feline health experts today.

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Vet in Rocky Hill, CT
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