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Orthopedic Care 1034 Second Street Pike Richboro PA 18954 (215) 488-5840Superior physical therapy in Richboro, PA is found at NovaCare Rehabilitation, so call (215) 488-5840 today and get the help you need. Our highly trained physical therapists bring years of experience, the newest technology and the finest customer care to every case. Regardless of whether you need rehab for a twisted ankle or prosthetic therapy to assist you in your everyday life following surgery, we stand ready to assist.

Often following surgery, disease or accidents, the human body needs time and work to recover its abilities. That is where we come in. Our Richboro physical therapy center provides individualized plans that assist our clients in achieving their goals, and one example of how we do this is through occupational therapy. With our assistance, you will once again be able to perform day-to-day functions that are often taken for granted like showering and dressing.

For a successful recovery, we will utilize a combination of methods that are customized to your specific requirements. Depending on your particular situation, we may treat your underlying issues with orthotics or perhaps with reoccurring physical rehabilitation techniques. You will be glad to know that our facility also offers comprehensive sports medicine and even provides therapy for sports teams, both in preventing injuries and recovering from them.

Get quality physical therapy in Richboro, PA by placing a call to (215) 488-5840 for NovaCare Rehabilitation today. It does not matter if you need full-time orthopedic care or if you are simply suffering from a twisted knee because we have the knowledgeable staff and advanced equipment that is needed for success. Once you work with our team, you will understand why we come so highly recommended.

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Physical Therapy in Richboro, PA
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