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Achieve superior health with the help of a chiropractor in Richardson, TX. Call on the qualified team of Phipps Chiropractic by dialing (972) 850-7836 to obtain specialized chiropractic services from our caring facility. Whether you have chronic pain or want to find a more effective pain management method, contact our service minded team first.

Chiropractic adjustments are not only useful for treating painful symptoms of sciatica, but can also help you to obtain a healthier lifestyle. In order to obtain the most effective treatments for your low back pain, you need a Richardson chiropractor who understands your changing health care needs. Our treatment regimen begins with an overall assessment of your current physical abilities and limitations which may involve x-rays of your spine.

After an analysis of your situation, we can offer therapeutic treatment options that include spinal decompression and massage therapy. We also utilize the diversified technique, which is an effective technique to readjust the spine when one or more bones are misaligned. These methods are effective tools for pain management when undergoing physical rehabilitation after an injury or because of an existing condition.

Instead of finding a quick fix to just relieve your lower back pain, obtain lasting treatment that will better facilitate overall healing. Call on Phipps Chiropractic at (972) 850-7836 for essential assistance from an experienced chiropractor in Richardson, TX. Give us a call to schedule your first visit for only $47 and receive a free half hour massage as part of your wellness assessment.

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Chiropractor in Richardson, TX
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