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Vet 4792 Caughlin Parkway Reno NV 89519 (775) 476-8847If you are looking for a vet in Reno, NV that specialize in felines, dial (775) 476-8847 to get in touch with VCA Feline Medical Center. We deal exclusively with cats, making it easy for them to receive high quality feline veterinary care in a comfortable, dog-free environment. From flea and tick control to educating clients about feline diabetes, a full range of services are available from our hospital.
We first opened back in 1995 as the first cats-only Reno vet in the area. Since then we have added several experienced members to our staff and increased our services to include things like cat weight management and nutritional guidance. We see cats of all ages at our feline medical center and will offer tips on caring for senior cats and kittens.
We can perform feline surgery at our facility ranging from routine spays and neuters to removing bladder stones. Trust us for cat dental care and we will routinely clean teeth and check for any signs of oral disease. We also give cat vaccinations that are catered to the needs of each individual patient.
Contact VCA Feline Medical Center at (775) 476-8847 if you want to reach a vet in Reno, NV that focuses solely on cat health. New clients are eligible for a free first exam, so be sure to ask about this special. Talk with a friendly staff member from our cat hospital over the phone to learn more.

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Vet in Reno, NV
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