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When you are in need of a medical marijuana doctor in the Redlands, CA area, contact SME Medical Management, formerly Serenity Medical Evaluationsat (888) 776-5524. Thinking you might qualify for a medical marijuana card but not sure where to find a qualified medical marijuana physician? Since the legalization of the cannabis card, a medical marijuana practitioner is no longer difficult to find; we will provide a medical marijuana evaluation, and an appropriate medical marijuana referral will be rendered to all that qualify with the proper medical records.

The medical use of cannabis is not new, with references to medical marijuana doctors dating back to 2,000 B. C. With more and more research being done, the list of ailments improved with the help of the discerning cannabis physician is growing. We believe medical marijuana will help with Alzheimer's, AIDS, Cancer, Glaucoma and more. Call our medical marijuana doctors today and find out if you may qualify for your own cannabis card. A knowledgeable cannabis doctor will help you stay within the state laws and regulations regarding the practice of the medical marijuana practitioner and dispensaries. Our medical marijuana physician will provide doctor recommendations only; we do not sell cannabis.

So if you need a medical marijuana doctor in Redlands, come by and see us today. We provide medical marijuana evaluation and a medical marijuana referral, our caring group of individual medical marijuana doctors will be there for you. Call us, or visit on line or in person at 3845 La Sierra Ave. Suite 200 D in Riverside, CA or 3757 Riverside Dr. Chino, CA 91710. SME Medical Management are licensed and certified. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash and check. Serving Corona, Riverside and San Bernardino as well, call us for your cannabis doctor issued medical marijuana card. We are dedicated to bringing you quality products!

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Medical Marijuana Doctor in Redlands, CA