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Select Physical Therapy 9496 East State Route 350 Raytown MO (816) 629-6631When you need physical therapy in Raytown, MO for work-related injuries, Select Physical Therapy at (816) 629-6631 is where you should call first.  We have a team of occupational therapy certified specialists that will customize a workers comp rehabilitation program to fit your specific case.  Everything from hand therapy for office workers with carpal tunnel to work hardening programs can be found here.

As an employer, you naturally want to avoid having people out due to injury, especially injuries at work.  To ensure you hire the right people for more difficult job positions, you should contact our Raytown physical therapy center to arrange physical fitness screenings for any potential new hires.  This will allow our physical therapists to help you keep down the number of at-work injuries your staff suffers.

No matter how you were hurt, you can trust us to provide complete physical rehabilitation services with a goal of getting you up and going again.  We can offer custom orthotics for additional arm or leg support along with sports or work injury rehab with a focus on improving overall physical wellness.  Simply dial the number below and you can get therapeutic care to help heal your injured body.

The search for injury physical therapy in Raytown, MO will end right here.  Select Physical Therapy is staffed by physical and occupational therapists here to aid you throughout the injury recovery and rehab process.  (816) 629-6631 is what you dial to reach us now.

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Physical Therapy in Raytown, MO
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