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Physical Therapy 1824 Glynwood Drive Prattville, AL 36066 (334) 310-1425 Do you need physical therapy in Prattville, AL for work-related injuries?  If so, Rehab Associates at (334) 310-1425 is here to provide you with a comprehensive physical rehabilitation program specific to your needs.  Our workers comp rehab specialists will help you work injured body areas safely and gain the strength necessary to get back on the job.  Make your first appointment today.

Knee, shoulder and other joint injuries in sporting events can cause lingering pain and take quite some time to heal properly.  If you’ve suffered such an injury you will want to contact Prattville physical therapy specialists able to create an in-depth sports injury rehabilitation program to alleviate pain and help you recover fully.    Give our certified physical therapists a call for help with all types of sports-related injuries.

Here you will find an advanced clinic capable of helping you recover from physical injury or deal with chronic pains.  This means you can come here for sports medicine treatments of all types of injuries as well as receive manual orthopedic therapy for arthritis and other painful conditions.  Simply dial our number above and let a therapist know how we can help you today.

One quick call to Rehab Associates will provide you with outstanding physical therapy in Prattville, AL.  We offer everything from occupational therapy to orthopedic care for all ages.  Call us at (334) 310-1425 to speak with a physical therapist now.

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Physical Therapy in Prattville, AL
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