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Physical Therapy 368 W. Olive Avenue Porterville, CA 92357 (559) 471-0407Get care from doctors of physical therapy in Porterville, CA with an appointment at Pro-PT.  Dial (559) 471-0407.  Dr. Todd Martin and Dr. Ronnie Eynaud are committed to providing the latest treatment options to aid their patients with chronic pain or injury rehab.  From aquatic therapy to aid with arthritis pain to finding sports medicine specialists ours is the number you want to dial first.

Rehabilitating from any serious physical injury may require the use of braces, splints and other orthotics devices.  As these can take some time to adjust to using you may want to seek help from Porterville physical therapy center in doing so.  Call our physical therapists to arrange comprehensive orthotics therapy sessions.

Doctors Martin and Eynaud each have over a decade of experience treating patients of all ages with a goal of relieving the pain you’re experiencing.  You can seek geriatric physical therapy treatments to combat the aches and pains of aging or seek our workers comp rehab after any on-the-job injury.  Did you or a loved one sustain a serious brain injury?  Contact us for neuro rehabilitation today.

You can ensure outstanding physical therapy in Porterville, CA with a call to Pro-PT.  Dr. Todd Martin and Dr. Ronnie Eynaud are ready to help you put an end to pain.  A quick call to (559) 471-0407 will help you set your first appointment.

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Physical Therapy in Porterville, CA
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