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Physical Therapy 6678 US Highway 6 Portage IN 46368 (219) 940-5647Take control of your health with condition specific physical therapy in Portage, IN by reaching out to Select Physical Therapy at (219) 940-5647 straightaway. The highly respected physical therapists at our local physical rehabilitation center offer preventative and rehabilitative services that strengthen your abilities. We develop individualized treatment plans to help you reach your personal wellness objectives, whether you require vestibular rehabilitation or advanced sports medicine.
Has neurological damage impacted your ability to complete your activities of daily living? The adult neurological rehabilitation programs conducted by our patient-focused physical therapists are customized health care strategies that focus on your individual needs.  Our Portage physical therapy workers will evaluate your aptitude and promote development of the skills needed to become more self-sufficient.  
Along with structured training, we instruct patients on the proper application of therapeutic exercise routines in order to achieve the highest level of acute pain management. Our facility also offers a host of treatment protocols for injured or ailing workers, including manual therapy and work conditioning to acclimate workers for safe reentry into the workforce. When you require specialized treatment services such as vestibular rehabilitation, our physical therapists can design a functional program that will alleviate your pain symptoms.
Improve your physical limitations by obtaining physical rehabilitation services from a qualified team of physical therapists. Contact Select Physical Therapy by dialing (219) 940-5647 to receive customized physical therapy in Portage, IN. Take the time to contact our office today.

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Physical Therapy in Portage, IN
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