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Eye Care 1850 S Township Boulevard Pittston PA (570) 212-9924Improve your vision with holistic eye care in Pittston, PA.  Northeastern Eye Institute at (570) 212-9924, offers thorough and effective vision services by licensed practitioners.  With one of our comprehensive eye exams, we can determine the deficiency in your vision and provide the remedy that will restore clear visibility.

If you or a member of your family requires Pittston eye care, then contact our eye doctor for a convenient appointment. We boast a state-of-the-art facility and customized eye glasses that will ensure you achieve brilliant vision.  Our office carries a large inventory of designer eye wear, and our distinctive glasses and contact lenses are manufactured by some of the industry’s most popular vendors.

Our evaluations may determine that eye surgery is necessary to solve your eye defects.  Our office specializes in treating a variety of eye disorders with cutting-edge surgical care by our top eye surgeons. Call us for help with cataracts, a detached retina, glaucoma or other ocular maladies. Our office can accommodate Lasik surgery treatments; ask about our custom vision correction approach.

Enjoy clear vision with quality eye care in Pittston, PA.  Simply dial (570) 212-9924 for expert treatment by Northeastern Eye Institute.  Our staff is standing by; call now to set a convenient appointment.

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Eye Care in Pittston, PA
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