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Are you looking for life insurance in Greater Pittsburgh area? Coordinated Financial Services, available at (888) 613-1489 offers large life insurance policies underwritten by the nation’s premier AAA rated, no-load insurance carrier. With little or no out of pocket expense, you can get the perfect life insurance plan while achieving your other financial goals.

Why Life Insurance Financing

The most discerning investors understand the importance of life insurance. Life insurance brings you peace of mind knowing you have added financial security.

There are many reasons to own life insurance:
Protecting your family and leaving them an inheritance.
Paying off debts and other expenses.
Business uses such as protecting key employees and funding buy-sell agreements.

What many are not familiar with is the concept of Life Insurance Premium Financing. What is this exactly, and why do you need it?

If you are a high net worth individual looking for a large insurance policy and want to continue to grow and protect your wealth without liquidating other investments to pay for premiums, financing your life insurance premiums can be your best option.

Capital Retention is the Main Reason for Premium Financed Life Insurance

This concept has been used by the wealthy for years. Why do they do it? Bottom line is retained capital. Instead of using your money to pay for premiums, you finance your life insurance so you can use your own funds to use in other profitable investments. The money borrowed for premium financing your life insurance is also not taxed, so this allows you to keep your capital at work in yielding higher returns, thus increasing your wealth even more.

Life Insurance Premium Financing Companies

Premium financing your life insurance in the Greater Pittsburgh area can sound complicated and tricky if you work with a novice or companies who don’t really have their focus on life insurance financing. By calling on Coordinated Financial Services at (888) 613-1489, you will be working with a financial service professional with over 45 years of experience whose focus is creating large life insurance contracts.  Don’t let the opportunity to grow your wealth get lost by paying for premiums on your own. Let the power of Life Insurance Premium Financing work for you!

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Life Insurance in Pittsburgh, PA
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