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Orthopedic Care 8425 B Frankford Avenue Philadelphia PA 19136 (215) 488-5961If you need quality physical therapy in Philadelphia, PA, dial (215) 488-5961 today for the experience of NovaCare Rehabilitation. Our team of physical therapists brings a higher level of care and experience to every client so that they can ultimately achieve a better quality of life. Whether you need occupational therapy or sports medicine, we are the ones you want.

Here at our Philadelphia physical therapy center, we treat a wide variety of issues that stem from disease, surgery, major accidents or even simple aging. Every reason is unique and that is why we design individual plans for each person. For example, if you are recovering from an accident and do not have full range of motion you may need everything from physical rehabilitation to orthotics and prosthetic therapy. Our office handles it all with your health as a top priority.

Sports-related injuries account for much of our practice and our group has a wide range of experience to draw from. We even handle preventative and rehabilitative care for collegiate and professional sports organizations. Our experience in the field makes us uniquely suited to helping our clients retain full mobility and quality of life.

Getting the physical therapy in Philadelphia, PA that you deserve is as easy as dialing (215) 488-5961 for NovaCare Rehabilitation. Whether you need complex orthopedic care or rehab from knee surgery, we are the team for you. Call us today to set up your next evaluation.

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Physical Therapy in Philadelphia, PA
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