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Animal Flea Control 8996 W. Union Hills Drive Peoria AZ 85382 (623) 223-8498Westbrook Animal Hospital at (623) 223-8498, is a vet in Peoria, AZ that cares for any pet whether they walk or slither. Our staff is experienced handling any problems that may need the service of a reptile or small animal vet. We are proud to offer only the finest holistic veterinary medicine to cure ailments without causing adverse effects.

If you buy an unaltered ferret from any pet store, spaying/neutering is medically necessary for their survival if you do not plan on breeding them. Unfixed males smell really bad and females, once in heat; do not leave it until they breed. Luckily if this situation happens when you buy this animal, you can get the services of an exotic animal vet at Westbrook Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians are experienced in performing this and other surgical procedures.

We will help with any and all cat declawing and have implant microchipping to help locate your pet if they ever get lost. Worried about outdoor pests finding their way in on pets?Then let us provide the most effective flea control out there to prevent future pet health problems or home infestation.

Regardless of what kind of pet you own, Westbrook Animal Hospital is the vet in Peoria, AZ you can entrust its care to. Call (623) 223-8498 and let our professional staff provide all the care they need now.

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Vet in Peoria, AZ
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