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Vet 2204 E. Foothill Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91107 (626) 219-0591A well-practiced vet in Pasadena, CA can be reached by dialing (626) 219-0591, which will put you in touch with VCA Foothill Veterinary Hospital. Our veterinarians can perform routine pet health exams to make sure you pet is staying healthy, eating right and getting enough exercise. From preventative care to advanced veterinary surgery, you can trust us for a diverse range of services.

If you have recently acquired a new cat or dog, it would be smart to take them to a local Pasadena vet who can give them their proper vaccinations and check for any signs of illness. Along with offering immunizations, our veterinary hospital can also perform spaying and neutering procedures when your pets are around six months old. Animal microchipping is another thing to consider if you have a new pet, for this will allow you to track them down quickly if they ever go missing. Veterinary dentistry treatments are available for pets with bad breath, and we can also examine your pet’s teeth and gums to check for signs of disease.

Get a hold of VCA Foothill Veterinary Hospital by calling us at (626) 219-0591 when you want to see a vet in Pasadena, CA. Our helpful team of animal specialists can treat a multitude of pet illnesses and can also offer preventative care to guard against potential animal diseases. Give us a call to learn more about our general and emergency veterinary care services.

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Vet in Pasadena, CA
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