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Tutoring Pasadena CA (747) 221-9266Could your struggling student use a tutor in Pasadena, CA? Contact the professionals at Sylvan Learning Center at (747) 221-9266 to see how we can help your student reach their full potential. At our tutoring center we know that all children don't learn at the same rate or in the same way. We work together with parents and students to pinpoint the specific areas of need. With this information, we use your child's strengths and style of learning to design private tutoring sessions that are individualized to your child.

We know that college is important, and getting children ready for college can be a challenge. There are many important tests that students take that will have an impact on their college careers. Let a Pasadena tutor from our center help your child with college test preparation. We will provide students with the necessary ACT prep and SAT prep skills and knowledge they need in order to get a good score.

Do not let your child get even further behind in their learning. Get a tutor in Pasadena, CA today by calling (747) 221-9266. Whether your child needs a math tutor to help them catch up to their peers, or perhaps a reading tutor that will improve their reading skills, Sylvan Learning Center is sure to have the tutoring services your students requires. We can also provide a GED tutor to those interested in getting their GED. 

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Tutor in Pasadena, CA