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Vet 7871 N. University Drive Parkland, FL 33067 (954) 228-7906 Holistic care from a vet in Parkland, FL is found at Parkland Animal Clinic.  Just dial (954) 228-7906 for an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Sands, a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience offering natural treatments to alleviate pain and illness in your pets.  Do you want a safe, non-toxic flea control solution?  Visit our pet pharmacy for this and many other parasite control and prevention treatments.

Getting any animal to swallow pills is an exercise in patience many pet owners would rather not face.  If a family pet is in pain and you want to get them help you should call a Parkland vet clinic able to provide advanced pain management therapies that don’t require drugs.  We provide veterinary laser therapy, veterinary acupuncture and other therapies to reduce or relieve an animal’s pain naturally.

Our goal is to provide first rate care for dogs, cats and many other types of pets.  You can bring a dog in for veterinary dentistry cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from their teeth or if they require veterinary laser surgery for any injury.  Is your pet getting a bit overweight?  Call our pet nutrition experts for tips on safe pet weight loss today.

The only call you have to make for a vet in Parkland, FL is to our qualified team.  Dr. Jeffrey Sands of Parkland Animal Clinic will provide natural remedies to your pets’ health problems.  Call (954) 228-7906 to explore holistic veterinary care options.

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Vet in Parkland, FL
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