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Vet 3200 Dudley Avenue Parkersburg WV (304) 916-7964Are you looking for a professional vet in Parkersburg, WV? If so, dial (304) 916-7964 and talk to VCA Dudley Avenue Animal Hospital. We specialize in primary and preventive veterinary care, so get in touch with us for services ranging from routine pet vaccinations to advanced surgical procedures.

When it comes to finding a Parkersburg vet, you will want to look for someone that is capable of doing advanced veterinary diagnostic testing. Here at our facility, we have all of the equipment necessary to do lab work and take x-rays or ultrasound images. We also offer veterinary surgery for things like spays and neuters, soft tissue removal and wound repair.

Learn about canine and feline diabetes when you contact our hospital and bring pets in to get tested for this condition if they are showing signs of fatigue, excessive hunger or weight loss. Pet pain management is available for animals suffering from arthritis or recovering from an accident. We can even arrange for pet meds to be delivered right to your home.

The fastest way to reach a friendly vet in Parkersburg, WV is by dialing (304) 916-7964 for VCA Dudley Avenue Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians are trained to handle many types of pet health issues and take pride in offering top quality veterinary dentistry and general wellness care to patients. Call now if you are a new client and get the first exam for free.

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Vet in Parkersburg, WV
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