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Vet 4299 E. Ramon Road Palm Springs, CA 92264 (760) 537-5474 You will find an all-animals vet in Palm Springs, CA with a call to VCA Desert Animal Hospital.  (760) 537-5474 is what you dial to reach a team of veterinary care specialists able to care for dogs, cats, rabbits and many exotics.  We have a reptile vet to treat your chameleon, a bird vet to clip a parrot’s wings and many other experts to help all your pets.

If your pet is struggling with an illness or severe injury you may be considering ending their suffering.  In situations like this you’ll want the name of a Palm Springs vet that offers humane veterinary euthanasia to end the pain of your beloved pet.  Count on our veterinarians to handle this difficult but often necessary procedure.

We care for the animals you and your family love like they were our own.  Our staff will provide veterinary dentistry care to deal with yellow teeth and other oral health concerns as well as offer veterinary surgery to spay or neuter your dogs and cats.  Do you want the latest treatments for fleas and ticks?  We have a fully stocked pet pharmacy with these and other parasite control treatments.

The best call you’ll ever make for a vet in Palm Springs, CA is to VCA Desert Animal Hospital.  From regular pet health checkups to senior animal wellness care here is where to find outstanding veterinary care.  Dial (760) 537-5474 and we will schedule your pet an appointment with our vets now.

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Vet in Palm Springs, CA
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