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Tutor 2856 Lone Oak Road Po Box 7812 Paducah KY (863) 274-1703If your child needs help with reading, get a tutor in Paducah, KY from Sylvan Learning Center. Call us at (863) 274-1703 for a teaching program that has been customized to your child’s learning needs. You can visit our tutoring center to see us at work.

There is no need for your son or daughter to continue to struggle with school. Sylvan’s tutoring services have earned recognition in the industry for having caring certified tutors to help your child. We offer individualized instruction in reading, math and writing, as well as assistance with better learning skills. Our reading tutor will help your student reach or exceed his or her grade level. Each math tutor on our staff is ready to help your child overcome their deficiencies in this subject.

Watch your child develop homework and study skills that will serve them throughout all stages of their education. Our private tutoring will also help them develop successful test prep techniques. With more than two million children taking the SAT and ACT tests each year, your child may need help. We offer better scores with SAT prep and ACT prep assistance. If your student has decided to by-pass their high school diploma with a GED, our GED tutor can ensure a pass.

Make sure your child can read with a good tutor in Paducah, KY. Call Sylvan Learning Center today. Dial (863) 274-1703 to arrange a time for your free consultation.

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Tutor in Paducah, KY
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