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DUI Attorney 1000 Town Center Drive, Suite 300 Oxnard CA 93036 (805) 727-4782If you need an attorney in Oxnard, CA, then contact The Kavinoky Law Firm. Just dial (805) 727-4782 and discover one of California's most successful law firms focusing on drug and alcohol-related cases. If you have a recent offense and need assistance with the legal process, we can provide an expert lawyer with the information you need.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, our team of DUI attorneys is committed to providing custom-tailored solutions to solve your legal problems. We can deal with traffic misdemeanor cases and other felony DUI charges as well. Our resources include substance-abuse experts and other professionals who can aid in your defense, making us a top choice for Oxnard attorney services.

Since 1994, our firm has responded to numerous individuals in need of an experienced DUI attorney. Our goal is to prevent suspension of your driving privileges as well as help you avoid time in jail by providing a DUI lawyer who knows the law. So if you have a drug and alcohol-related case, Act Now! You only have 10 days or you lose your license!

Contact The Kavinoky Law Firm and get great help when you need an attorney in Oxnard, CA. Reach us at (805) 727-4782 to find your DUI attorney and meet our professional staff. Do not wait if you have a recent driving offense; call us now.

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Attorney in Oxnard, CA
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