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Animal Flea Control 9825 Old Solomons Island Road Owings MD 20736 (443) 550-1754Make the call to (443) 550-1754 for the vet in Owings, MD when your pets need any medical care. The veterinarians of Chesapeake Animal Clinic are experienced professionals who only provide the highest standards in treatment. We handle all needs from flea control to surgical spaying and neutering, all with the animal's well being forefront in our efforts.

Healthy teeth and gums are very important for your pets. That is why when you notice bad breath or yellowing, you should find experts in veterinary dentistry before this problem can lead to a worse medical condition. Chesapeake Animal Clinic is the one you can trust to take care of the oral hygiene issues of your small dog or cat.

Our compassionate staff takes the time to handle each patient individually so every pet gets the care and attention it deserves. We handle declawing of cats, microchipping, and other surgical needs using the latest in both traditional and holistic veterinary medicine. If your old faithful dog is suffering after an injury or your cat is terminally ill, we offer veterinary euthanasia services to end their pain.

Even though your animal probably hates going, they will eventually need a vet in Owings, MD who can help them when they're ill. Make the call to Chesapeake Animal Clinic at (443) 550-1754 to schedule an appointment with the staff that really cares. We hope to see you soon!

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Vet in Owings, MD
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