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Animal Boarding 420 N Jefferson St Ossian IN 46777 (260) 622-8995As you look for a vet in Ossian, IN, why not give a call to Honegger Animal Clinic at (260) 622-8995. Over the past 30 years in the area, we have always done our best to not only offer sound advice, but also optimal veterinary care so that you may enjoy your animal companion for the maximum amount of time.

Though we are a small animal vet, we offer a wide variety of services needed to care for you pets properly. Do you have an upcoming vacation that your pet can not join you on? Then we have animal boarding available to you so that your pet can feel like they are on vacation as well. You can also utilize our animal daycare, allowing your pet to understand that you will return for them. Preventative measures must be taken before they can stay with us, such as animal flea control, which we provide in an individualized program made specifically for your pets needs. When you get animal grooming, you not only help their coat look good, but it also helps their skin stay healthy as well. If you worry about your pet getting lost, we offer animal microchipping which is a very safe and effective way to ensure that you can reunite with them.

As you are searching for a vet in Ossian, IN, contact Honegger Animal Clinic and see what our veterinarians have to offer at (260) 622-8995. Our job is to not only treat your pet, but to also help you to learn how you can keep your best friends healthy and happy.

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Vet in Ossian, IN
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