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Podiatrist 4656 E F Highway 41 Oscoda MI (989) 217-8943Seek care from a podiatrist in Oscoda, MI for all foot or ankle problems by dialing (989) 217-8943.  Dr. Pilichowski of Northern Foot and Ankle is here to help you with whatever is causing your ankle or foot pain.  Whether you’re dealing with simple ankle sprains or a crushed-foot injury, you’ll find exceptional care from a podiatry specialist right here.

Ingrown toenails, bunions and other foot deformities can leave you dealing with severe pain on a day to day basis.  Instead of taking something to mask the pain, you should think about seeing an Oscoda podiatrist that can surgically remove deformities.  A call here will put you in touch with a board certified foot surgeon today.

A call to Dr. Pilichowski will help you find relief from foot, ankle or heel pain no matter what is causing it.  This means you can get help with podiatric deformities like heel and ankle spurs including podiatric surgery to remove them completely.  From simple calluses to help with serious foot problems, you can count on our foot doctor for help.

The first and last call to make for a podiatrist in Oscoda, MI is to Dr. Pilichowski of Northern Foot and Ankle.  You will receive advanced care to help you find relief from foot and ankle pains.  Call (989) 217-8943 to schedule your first appointment right now.

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Podiatrist in Oscoda, MI
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